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The Australiain government's VET FEE-HELP Study Assist initiative is a tertiary education loan scheme that pays a student's course charges up front so the student can commence producing tuition payments after their earnings improve.

All the courses we provide are authorized for VET FEE-HELP with an approved lifetime limit of $96,000 so you are a lot more than able to cover all diploma and double diploma fees with out any upfront payments.

VET FEE-HELP is obtainable to eligible people in Australia studying larger level vocational education and training (V.E.T.) qualifications at the diploma level and above, as effectively as a limited quantity of Certificate IV qualifications.

VET FEE-HELP can be employed to spend all or element of an eligible student’s tuition costs.

Can I get VET FEE-HELP? To be eligible for VET Fee-Help you must - be an Australian citizen OR - be a permanent humanitarian visa holder in Australia


- be willing to pay full price for a diploma, advanced diploma or graduate certificate OR

- be a student subsidised by a state or territory government studying a diploma or certificate IV course


- be enroled with an officially approved provider in eligible units of study by the census date

Shed the confusion

What is Vet Fee-Help in your certain case? Nicely that can be a slightly distinct answer.

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It's our job at Turning Point to realize every student, advise about eligibility to get people enrolled. Our services are free of charge of charge so really feel free of charge to get in touch with our Question Hotline at the top of the web page and ask away.

We realize and will advise you on the compliance side of issues, we'll help you get you settled on and then settled in the course you want, and we'll continue to offer help all the way throughout your course and even after your graduation.

As you can see in the above VET FEE-HELP criteria points, there can be some differences in VET FEE-HELP eligibility between states and territories, and there are also locations of overlap between prior and current loan schemes such as HECS etc.

Most importantly, you must make certain your course provider and the units you elect are officially Vet Fee-Help authorized, which is exactly where our help will also be of worth.