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Diabetic issues is a problem that requires continual monitoring. Nearly each diabetic should have a kit for tests their blood sugar. Several purchase or receive provides of a assortment of test strip brand names, and following a favourite is selected, the other boxes are just deserted and still left to collect dust. The fairly short shelf existence of test strips often indicates possessing to deal with a growing selection of bins that are of no use, and should be gotten rid of in some way. Often this means merely throwing properly excellent boxes of diabetic test strips in the garbage.

As anyone who buys them understands, diabetic test strips are expensive things. Did you also know that there are 1000's of diabetics out there who, simply because of reduced incomes, set incomes, or absence of insurance coverage, desperately want these supplies, but can't manage to pay the prices becoming asked? There are numerous organizations that supply them with their essential provides, and you can participate in their initiatives to help. If you have added unopened, unexpired test strips containers, you can promote them for cash rather of tossing them in the trash!

WHY WOULD Someone HAVE Additional Boxes OF TEST STRIPS?

Most diabetics are sensible sufficient to keep containers on hand in case they operate low, and before lengthy recognize they have a few more than they really require. If you obtain bins on a normal foundation, you might locate that extras are beginning to add up. Perhaps you are not testing as often as you employed to. You may have altered test strip brands, and nonetheless have a offer of the old types sitting down close to that don't suit your new meter. If you had been testing your self throughout being pregnant, and no lengthier have any want to do so, it's possible you nevertheless have some bins left more than you do not know what to do with. Maybe a beloved a single has passed away, or moved into a healthcare care home that now provides their provides, and you are still left with extra bins on your palms. There are many factors why you might have a stash of properly great, still-sealed, unexpired boxes of diabetic test strips that you could be making income on by selling.

where to sell diabetic test strips


Indeed, if you are the legal proprietor of them. Anyone can purchase test strips, even without having a prescription, so as extended as you purchased the strips oneself, you are free of charge to sell them. Even if your bins are marked "mail purchase only" or "not for resale" you can nevertheless sell them - this just means they cannot be marketed via a retailer.

Of course, there are some items to preserve in thoughts. For occasion, not all manufacturers are heading to be in need. Bins that have been offered by Medicare can't be resold, and no a single will obtain boxes that are expired, damaged or have damaged seals. But as long as they are a reasonably well-recognized brand, in good problem, and have a bare minimum of 6 months to their expiration (even though you might be in a position to get half price for specific brands that are expiring in three to 6 months), then you could be holding the income in your hand within a extremely couple of days!


Sellers who purchase diabetic test strips are in business to make cash, but the end outcome is the exact same: somebody who needs these supplies and cannot pay for them is going to get them, either for free or at a discount. Sellers will often take brand names they wouldn't normally purchase and then donate them to shelters, or give a share of their earnings to diabetes related charities. Frequently they are in the business because they themselves are diabetic or have a cherished 1 who is, which provides them a private stake in assisting others who are dealing with the challenge of diabetes. Of course, you want to get to know your seller and truly feel comfortable carrying out business with them, so shop close to a little bit! Extremely usually, repeat business will make you a valued customer who will get special thought when it comes to pricing your bins.

But it is not often about making a few of extra pounds - it's the partnership you develop with a person you really feel is sincere, sincere and reliable. Of course you want the most generous value for your test strips, but you should also appear for a person who is prepared to deliver payment swiftly, and provides a selection of techniques to get in touch with them. Do they have a toll-free of charge amount you can get in touch with? Study their FAQ page and Conditions & Circumstances so you know what you can expect. Examine to see if they will reimburse you for shipping the bins. Contact them up and talk with them individually, so you get a truly feel for who they are.