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Kadonneet cosmonautit
« on: 19. 02. 2017 18:06 »

Melko naiivia kuvitella että Juri Gagarin olisi ollut ensimmäinen kosmonautti - hän oli vain ensimmäinen joka tuli elävänä takaisin

Ihmishengellä kun ei ollut Neuvostoliitossa mitään arvoa

Mahdollista myös että naiskosmonautteja on kadonnut avaruuteen ikuisiksi ajoiksi

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"Two Italian Brothers, Achille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia. The two radio enthusiasts constructed an amateur radio station and began picking up transmissions from space. The two brothers recorded key moments in space history including Gagarin's first flight. They also claimed to captured some of the most haunting recordings in the history of space.

On The 28th November 1960, The brothers had intercepted a radio single, as no official launches where scheduled the two men assumed it was a satellite. After an hour of static a distant sound cracked through the radio. Morse code for SOS, what was most strange about the distressed radio single that it wasn't orbiting the earth, but slowly moving away. The SOS faded into space and out of radio range

February 2nd the brothers continue to scan Russian frequencies when they
2 February 1961, the brothers were scanning Russian frequencies as usual when they intercept an orbiting capsule. They recording wheezing and a final human breath. Did the brothers capture the sound of a suffocating cosmonaut?
The most haunting recording captured by the brothers was sounds of a female cosmonaut burning up on re-entry in 1963
Concealing secrets was quite common practice in the Soviet Space program. Cosmonauts where known to be airbrushed out of photos.

The soviets kept their launches secret, Gagarin's accomplishment was only publicized when he returned safely. Vladimir Ilyushin a soviet test pilot was rumored to have beat Gagarin to space by five days. However his return to earth wasn't as successful as Gagarin's. Vladimir's capsule malfunctioned, crashing him into China where He was held prisoner of over a year. Was Vladimir's flight scrubbed from the history books to save the reputation of the USSR? It was a secret Vladimir took to the grave

When the Collapse of the USSR occurred in 1991 many documents and official records of the space program remained unaccounted for. While many experts question the authenticity of the recordings and the stories of lost cosmonauts. It still remains one of the darkest secrets of the cold war"

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Kadonneet cosmonautit
« on: 19. 02. 2017 18:06 »